Who are First Choice?

First Choice Financial Services is a professional financial advice business established in 2000 and employs a team of 17. We provide a wide range of services to individuals and business owners across Ireland.

Whether you are looking to build a better financial future for you and your family, resolve debt issues, get a mortgage or source SME lending facilities, you will benefit from practical, impartial advice that will put you in control of your financial future.

From our offices in Limerick and Dublin, our specialist teams of financial planners, debt resolution and finance experts assist you to achieve your financial objectives. Our highly qualified team builds long-term and trusted relationships with you, with the sole objective of maximising your financial outcomes.

Our Core Principles

In all our dealings with you, we are guided by our core principles.


We provide the following services:

Financial Planning

We are Financial Brokers (Life Insurance, Retirement, Savings & investment and Health Insurance) and when we give you advice and recommendations, we will take into account the majority of providers in the market. This means you get market wide advice from one source and we will always be able to benchmark how you’re insurance, savings & investments and pensions compare to what is available elsewhere. More here


Our mortgage brokerage offers a ‘one to one’ service in an effort to secure you the best mortgage available on the market. Our process identifies the most suitable mortgage for you, secures the approval and manages all aspects of the drawdown. We are experts in this field with years of experience in the area. More here

Debt Management

We have a specialist debt management business. We are experts in helping our clients understand their financial situation and formulating a strategy to deal with it. Once complete, we engage with banks and/or financial creditors directly with a view to improving their financial situation, which takes a considerable burden from our clients. More here

SME Finance

We are also experts in securing finance for SMEs including Agri-Business. Outside of the pillar banks, we have agency agreements with a number of secondary finance providers which can provide various funding products to businesses. We are on the Senior review panel of the Governments, Credit Review Office, the external review panel for Microfinance Ireland and are Consultants to the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI). If your business needs finance, quite simply, you will not deal with a more experienced or informed expert team to help you source the appropriate financial product for your need. More here


Should our debt management service not be a suitable option, our in-house Personal Insolvency Practitioner can advise you on all the personal insolvency options that might be available to you. We provide advice and support in managing your money, accessing your entitlements and making arrangements with your creditors. More here

We are Professional, Qualified & Experienced

Trust Factors, Regulation & Transparency


  • We are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and we are accountable to educational bodies for qualifications and continuous professional development (CPD).

Trust Factors

  • Our business structure, authorisations and charges are explained in our terms of business or information and engagement pack which we give to you prior to commencing any work.
  • We are members of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (the national body for Financial Brokers)


  • We are transparent and open with our clients about our services and our charges. We currently advise business and professional clients and we enable them to implement optimum solutions in their financial planning. Our expertise empowers our clients to take appropriate action with their pensions, investments and financial protection. They have the security, knowledge and peace of mind that financial options have been explained to them and they have a clear strategy for their financial future. We aim to develop a long-term relationship with you. International and Irish studies have shown how consumers with long-term advisers have substantially greater wealth and this is what we aim to bring to your financial planning
Qualifications & Experience
  • All advisers in our financial brokerage must, at a minimum, have either the required industry qualifications or a required number of years’ experience in their chosen area of advice to be eligible to advise you. Many of our advisers hold qualifications beyond the required standards set down by the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • We specialise in specific areas of financial advice, namely, Retirement Planning, Debt Management & Raising Finance for SMEs. We are highly knowledgeable about the pensions market and capable of dealing with complex pension related issues. We have rigorous advice processes in place. We will assist you with managing your debt and engaging with the bank to secure a more manageable repayment amount or assisting SMEs in secure finance from banks or alternative lenders
Choice / Range of Market Cover
  • As Financial Brokers, we must by law give you advice on a “fair analysis” basis of the market. This means that we will research a majority of companies in the market so that you get market-wide advice from one source. This allows us to offer you access to the product that best meets your needs. We scrutinise all products on the basis of price, reliability, performance etc.

Our services to our clients include the following


We maintain the highest standards and constantly study the market to deliver expert advice that makes a real difference to the lives of our clients.


Your confidence in our service is of paramount importance to us. Our goal is to earn your trust and deliver tangible results to you. We achieve this by being open with you, by maintaining the highest standards of integrity and by giving you quality advice.


We explain our services and charges to you in simple terms. Openness is a key part of our relationship with our clients. We welcome your questions and feedback. They help us to continuously improve our services.

Peace of Mind

Your financial security is our business. We may not be able to relieve all your financial worries but we can protect you and your family and help you start planning for your future. Our expert advice means you can be assured you have made quality decisions with your financial planning. And we are always on hand to review your plans and alert you to any developments that could affect your future planning. We are also there for you or your family should you need financial advice or need to claim on your policies.

Clear Strategy

We help you get greater confidence for the future by developing a clear strategy for your financial planning. As your Financial Broker we will take the time to get to know you and gain a full understanding of your life objectives, current situation and attitude to risk. We will then analyse your financial needs, make recommendations and implement solutions for you.


Impartial advice from professionals with expertise. We systematically study the insurance, pension and investment market and every day we analyse the financial planning needs of people who face the same challenges as you. We will use this expertise and experience to analyse your situation and suggest solutions as your own needs evolve. Our advice process is rigorous and we may highlight important issues to you that you have yet to consider. Our expertise will add considerable value to the decisions you make for your financial future.


Gaining trust through lasting relationships. As your Financial Broker, you can expect a high level of personal service from us. Our aim is to directly serve your interests over the long term. With an adviser that understands you, you have confidence in making decisions about your finances – today and in the future. Studies1 have shown that people with long term relationships with Financial Brokers have better insurance cover and significantly higher value pensions and investments.


Financial Brokers empower you with greater knowledge. Financial Brokers educate their clients on the key issues to be addressed in planning their financial future so they can make informed decisions. They explain about financial risk and the trade-off you must make between return and safety. As a result, advised clients have a greater understanding of their financial plans, are more secure in the decisions they have made and are more confident about their financial future.

Proven Results

People with long term relationships with Financial Brokers have greater financial protection and higher value investments and pensions. As Financial Brokers, we analyse your needs and make recommendations from across the market. We will continuously review your plans, suggesting amendments where appropriate. We can help you stay on course with your financial planning through life’s (and the markets’) ups and downs. The practical support we give our clients makes a real difference to people’s lives. Research1 shows that long term clients of Financial Brokers have better financial protection and significantly higher fund values in their pensions and investments.


With most things in life, it is great to have choice. Choice delivers competition which enhances innovation and service to consumers. Financial Brokers deliver choice in insurance and financial services. They must deal with the majority of relevant insurers/financial providers and search the best terms for you. They must by law put your interests first in any advice and recommendations. In setting up and reviewing your plans, you can be confident that you are dealing with someone that can give you impartial advice and is not directed by the provider.

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